Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Futurology: Tailoring at the click of a mouse

A good suit is much like a fine wine — or at least, that's what the tailor chaps on Savile Row believe. They have just announced that they want an appellation for their handiwork — to make Savile Row just like Bordeaux.

But while they are trying to ensure that you can't buy “Savile Row bespoke” anywhere else (or, indeed, for any less than about £3,000), some rather savvy gents have come up with their own way of doing “bespoke” for as little as £150, and without ever touching your inside leg.

Online tailoring from sites such as aSuitThatFits.com, CadandTheDandy.co.uk, Suitopia.co.uk and KingandAllen.co.uk allows you to order a bespoke suit — with your chosen design embellishments and sewn precisely to fit your body — over the internet. 

No, the garments aren't made in London (they're from a family-run tailoring business in Nepal, in fact, or, in the case of Cad & The Dandy, in China), but the fabrics are often UK made, some of them have ex-Savile Row tailors on board, and the most they will cost you is about £600.

And after all, while champagne may be the height of luxury, in a recession prosecco tastes pretty good, doesn't it?

 Jasmine Gardner

source:London evening standard.

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