Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Madonna to Direct Movie Starring Cate Blanchett

is heading back behind the movie camera. She’s lined up to direct a new musical film, and it’s about American socialite Wallis Simpson, who became the Duchess of Windsor. Apparently, Madge is courting cate blanchett for the lead role. Sources say she first had her eye on Keira Knightley, but decided against it. The film would follow twice-divorced Simpson’s story of her love affair with English King Edward VIII, who gave up the throne to marry her. According to The Sun, she is considering Dr. Who star David Tennant to play Edward. A source tells the publication, "The final script is now written and the locations have been scouted. Madonna is now trying to assemble the cast and put the finances in place. The first scene is an old woman in her nineties living on her own in a Parisian flat , she starts to tell her life story to a housekeeper and it turns out the woman is Wallis Simpson. There will be a song for every decade of her life." We have high hopes for this one! The story is a great one, and Madonna was a part of the musical film Evita in 1996, so she has experience in that field.

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