Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wall painting

From pre-history till today wallpaintings are made. They reflect history, tell important stories, teach us important things or they just make us enjoy the art. Wallpaintings enriches the looks of buildings. Not only the walls but also the ceilings are often part of the artwork. Think about Michelangelo's fresco's in the Sixtine Chapel for instance. The artwork tells us a lot about the artist but also about the taste of the owner. Wallpaintings last for ages and remembers us to the ones who created them and who gave the orders to make them. There are many skilled painters but only a few can transfer the dimensions from the small canvas to the large walls or even more difficult to the ceilings. At you will find the best European art painters, specialized in wallpaintings. The Italian fresco's are being made by professional Italian artists. The artists are prepared to come to your place and do the painting on location. The paintings can be personalized if you wish. The artists can create the designing but they can also work according your own designs and demands. Just fill in the enquiry form and we will let you know the possibilities.


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